Smart Coach System

Smart Coach System

The Supra System, is a smart coach solution, that changes things by doing more for less. It consumes a fraction of the panel space and provides superior functionality like never before. It Integrates all passenger facing and control functions of a coach to a single powerful computing platform using Open Source Technologies. At the backend, Optitech Supra is integrated with a cloud server system to give your coaches the power of IoT technologies and ability to churn large amount of data to efficiently manage your coaches. You can go ahead, add ERRU, HVAC processor, Inverter and more and get the data on your desktop. All in flash. Over the Cloud. And with value Added Reports. Welcome to Ease of Doing things. Welcome to the Internet of Things.

The SupraTM Main processing Unit:

The Supra System uses a single high power processing system to give you PA/PIS, CCTV, Coach Diagnostics, AC coach Monitoring and more all in one.

Main Processing Unit (MPU):

A quad core sixth generation Intel processor is a workhorse without being power hungry. Fanless and Fully Sealed: Its superfast processing comes with a mere 5W Total Dissipated Power allowing it to be totally fanless. No fan implies no dust and complete sealing, making it possible to run the MPU as a zero maintenance Processing System. User


The 7” Touch LCD and a GUI interface makes the MPU extremely user friendly.

Remote Manager:

With its integrated 4G compatible modem and WIfi, Supra MPU acts as a communication node, carrying a large amount of data over the air to the cloud servers.


With multiple RS485, CAN, RS232 networks, an ethernet interface and WIFI, you can keep adding more applications to the Supra System. Integrating legacy systems is a breeze as the system allows loading of custom drivers with its unique Open Source Third Party Integration.


Optitech Supra the all new work horse

The Supra MPU comes preloaded with a complete suite of software


The Vehicle Diagnostic Tool, makes rolling stock management a breeze, allowing you to monitor system and vehicle health at the control center over the integrated 3G and 4G GSM networks.and Information Management.

Optitech PA/PIS :

The industry Leading Optitech PA/PIS application from A. Paul Instruments comes pre-loaded in the Supra™ suite. The system is pre-configured to manage your Digital Destination Boards, Passenger Information system Directly from the Divisional control Center.

CCTV surveillance Software:

The Optitech Surveillance application incorporates railway leading technologies like PrivyEncrypt ™, and eLock4HDD to encrypt and digitally secure the Footage and Storage Media on the coach, securing utmost privacy of the passengers

Emergency Talk back System:

Integrated with the Supra System’s CCTV software, an ETB enhances Passenger safety and reduces chain pulling by making on-train safety security staff more accessible.


The online Air Conditioning Monitoring System allows a targetted maintenance of AC system.


The multi-bus port expander creates a multi function coach bus, that lets you seamlessly integrate third party hardware like Inverters, ERRU or add new functions like wheel bearing monitoring, water level monitoring, or a complete lighting control system. You Imagine. We Build it in. Supra™ is the ultimate in Coach Diagnostics