Fogsafe Systems

Fogsafe Systems

Using GPS for Enhanced Safety
FOGSAFE® is a new generation GPS navigation device that helps the loco pilot to navigate during dense fog conditions. Mildly explosive detonators placed on the track, warn the driver of critical Home Signals. But other important landmarks like unmanned level crossings, warning signals etc may go unwarned critically impeding safety if the driver gets disoriented in dense fog. Fogsafe reliably alerts the driver using GPS positioning about his location vis-a-vis landmarks.
Proven Reliability

The system has been tested extensively in Northern, North Western and North Eastern Railway since 2010 and proven its reliability and utility. Several Improvements have been made in consultation with RDSO and the device is now RDSO APPROVED.

Device Benefits
  • Improvement in section through-put during fog with improved safety.
  • Marked reduction in over shooting cases.
  • Driver is pre-alerted about approaching signals.
  • Road-user safety at unmanned LC gates during dense fog as driver is alerted to blow the horn even at Unmanned Level Crossing Gates.
Power of Simplicity

Fogsafe® has been designed for easy comprehension by Loco-pilot. Its simplified Display Format and clear human voice announcement minimizes driver involvement allowing him to concentrate on piloting the locomotive. The system is self managing and Driver only has to select the section of operation at start of journey and thereafter the system is self managing.

Quick Commisioning

The system can be commissioned in less than 30 days in a complete zonal railway. A GPS survey followed by a validation testing gets the system up and running in no time.