Passenger Information Systems for Long Distance Passenger Trains

Passenger Information Systems  for Long Distance Passenger Trains

Optitech For TLAC coaches

Optitech PAPIS system is a highly integrated passenger information System. Its compact design ensures that the system fits into the space that is lesser than the audio amplifier currently used. This allows fitment in space constrains Electric Control Panels of the coach.

The modified Power Supply and Control Unit integrates Main Processor, GPS, GSM, Audio Amplifier and Destination Board in a single unit. Saving Space and enhancing ease of maintenance and commissioning.

LCD Displays

VGA and Ethernet Connectivity for Messaging and advertising.

PA Amplifier

Industry Leading Dual Input, Dual Output Class D Amplifiers with auto voice generations and VOIP support. Compact and easy to use.

LED Displays

Multi-color/ Mono-Color and varied size and resolutions for Passenger Messaging with RS485 interface.

Digital Destination Board

Easily retrofittable on coach exteriors. IP65 Stainless Steel enclosure. Direct Integration to RDSO PAPIS system.