Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote Monitoring Systems

RACOMSTM – The Complete Predictive Maintenance Tool

The RACOMS System is a paradigm shift in AC coach management. With a dramatic rise in AC rolling stock, 100% inspection of Railway AC coaches has become increasingly difficult with maintenance staff finding fewer minutes per coach and an ever increasing population.

RACOMS – aims to improve their productivity by continuously monitoring the AC systems and posting fault and operating data onto a cloud based server. The data captured is put through data analytics tools to present the user highly value added and condensed reports, targeting the exact coaches requiring attention. Maintenance staff can thus focus on fault rectification rather than discovery of faults. The system also assist immensely in predictive maintenance of coaches with its unique Fuzzy Logic Algorithms, reporting a fault before it leads to total failure.

Optitech Microprocessors

The heart of the system.

Optitech Microprocessors come in two variants- LHB coach variant and SGAC coach variant. Both Processor types have advanced fault and event logging data recommended by RDSO. IN addition these processors have unique fuzzy logic algorithms to analyse system health.

Racoms Decision Support System

A complete reporting and Analysis Web Application for AC coaches.

All Optitech processors – LHB variant and non LHB variant – are RACOMS ready. Every processor only needs a DataSafeTM GSM modem to start posting data to the RACOMS web service tool, which automatically tabulates the data captured, analyses it using big data analytics tools and pushes highly value added reports to the end customer over email and SMS.