Fogvision Solutions

Fogvision Solutions

Fogvision™ gives the loco pilot a super-vision in blinding Fog and dark. The System uses a high resolution long distance camera with an infrared camera in conjunction with a Video Processing Unit to give an enhanced image of the track to the driver. The backend Crew Video and Voice Recording and Analytics system further processes the enhanced feed to detect key landmarks like signal, level crossings , obstructions/ livestock and objects on track highlighting the same on an LCD for the driver. The system gives an RTSP feed of the recording, permitting the output to be viewed on a variety of IP enabled screens.
Dual Sensor Camera

Fogvision System features a dual censor cameral Integrating infrared thermal imaging and visible light camera, giving unparalleled visibility during day and night.The full color camera features wide dynamic range and anti blooming features. The complete system is sealed to IP65.


EnhanceRT’s Video Processing Module gives a enhanced realtime visibility. It effectively cleans fog from captured video. During night system outputs a near day-light visibility without any external lighting.